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Digital Self-service
Reduce your Contractor payroll costs
Benefits package included for Contractors

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The Platform

Direct contractor engagement

The Proposition

Added value and

The Benefits

Enhanced attraction and retention



Change the way Companies communicate with Contractors.

The Networker platform provides a unique digital experience with benefits which include:

  • Time-Saving

  • Lowering Costs

  • Added value through our benefits and services.

Find the Best Talent


Talent on Demand

Get immediate reach and direct access to our Contractor Community 24/7. Streamline your Contractor acquisition and connect directly with the best talent in the marketplace.

Your Company

We appreciate that your brand, your values and job opportunities are unique to you. Create your own Company page, showcase your opportunities using Networker’s Employer platform.


Contractor Wellbeing

The wellbeing of your Contractor is our priority. We have listened to what Employers and Contractors want and in return created a unique package of wealth, health and lifestyle services to meet those requirements.