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Our Mission At Networker

Contracting made easy!



Our mission is to be the number 1 contingent worker platform, connecting Companies and Contractors directly.


Raising Contractor standards, services and well-being.


    Networker Jobs data pool is the ideal opportunity to create visibility based on actual skills with a direct link to Employers. Have work find you in the best locations, globally! We believe that you should be empowered to manage your pipeline of Contract opportunities.


    Networker Jobs is the ideal platform to provide Employers with the opportunity to identify the right people for their projects. Our data-driven approach gives an immediate matching and will eliminate several iterations of reviewing resumes with agencies or other partners. Our solely online digital approach cuts down your costs and guarantees competitive pricing.


    Networker provides Contractors and Companies with a truly unique digital experience. We work with industry leading Global brands, delivering opportunities, connecting you directly to the decision makers, delivering an unparalleled membership experience.

    Specialising in Contracting roles within:

    • Finance
    • Information Technology
    • Project Management
    • Human Resources


    Have Companies Find You!


    Be Seen

    Register, upload your CV and let Companies find your personalised profile.


    Communicate Direct

    Direct company engagement for roles in IT, Engineering, Project Management, HR, Finance and many more.


    No Middleman

    Our purely data-driven approach means more control, less confusion.


    Stay Focused

    Your wellbeing is important to us. Do what you do best and let us look after everything else.

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    Contractor Services

    When you join our community of contractors you gain access to a range of contractor-friendly services all of which have been designed to offer the benefits that you need. Whether you need an Pay Advance, a Pension Review, or access to our top-notch discounted Physiotherapy Network, our contractors community brings you unparalleled access to improved financial and physical wellness - across all areas of your life.

    View our Contractor Services

    If you would like to know more about this service please contact one of our member advisors on 0333 577 8896



    CV Search

    Contractors can join the CV database to be contacted directly by interested companies for matching jobs. Our unique technology allows candidates to be found by companies to get in touch with a pool of potential candidates to recruit from when required.

    Automated Communication

    Once you have created and built your profile, we will actively reach out through our community engagement to provide you with the best fit jobs against your skill set and search criteria. You can even request automated job alert emails tailored specifically to your next Contracting role search criteria.